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  1. Can I buy Z-Wave devices from online stores? What are the links?
  2. Can I include all Z-Wave devices from the network by ZRC-100 and no need to click the PROG button for each device?
  3. Can I use 2 or more ZRC-100 controllers in my house at one time?
  4. Can I use 2 or more ZXT-120 in my house? What is the max. units if yes?
  5. Can I use 2 or more ZXT‐310 in my house? What is the max. units if yes?
  6. Can I use the USB port to configure ZXT-120?
  7. Can the ZRC-100 also operate Zigbee products?
  8. Do I need an electrician to install Z-Wave products in my house?
  9. Do I need an electrician to install ZTS-500 in my house?
  10. How can I change the display on ZXT-500 from Fahrenheit into Celsius?
  11. How do I know which product is compatible with my ZXT-120?
  12. How does ZXT-120 work with Vera gateway?
  13. How to avoid the IR interference if I am using 2 identical air- conditioners in same location but want to control them individually?
  14. How to select my air-conditioner IR code from ZXT-120?
  15. How to select my AV equipment IR code from ZXT-310?
  16. I have problems on connecting the ZXT-120 to my Homeseer Z-wave controller. No reading temperature sensor.
  17. I recently purchased a ZXT-120 and am trying to use Fahrenheit units instead of Celsius.
  18. If I lost my ZRC-100 will I also lose my settings?
  19. If my Z-Wave devices had already added into my Z-Wave gateway (primary controller) network, what should I do for my ZRC-100? How to copy my scenes settings to my ZRC-100?
  20. Is it possible for me to change the devices frequency to use 908.42mhz which we use in the US?
  21. Is it possible not to configure scene setting with ZRC-90 but just a switch ?
  22. What can the ZRC-100 do for me?
  23. What is multi-channel device?
  24. What is the meaning of “swing”, “differential”, and “dead band”?
  25. Why do I need a different module for outdoor lighting?
  26. Why won’t my ZXT-120/ ZXT-600/ ZXT-310/ ZRC-90/ ZTS-500 work with the Z-Wave devices I purchased from another country?
  27. ZXT-120 is working on top and 4-directions IR output, but there is no response on the IR emitter socket, why?
  28. ZXT-310 supports external IR emitters, but there is no response on the IR emitter socket, why?

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