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What can the ZRC-100 do for me?
Last Updated 6 years ago

Key words: ZRC-100 232 nodes residential environment scenes

A single Z-Wave network can include 232 nodes. If necessary, more than one network can be bridged to extend the number of nodes further, although this is normally not needed in a residential environment.

The total number of controllable End-point (EP) / device / sensor is 128 items which is listed on the “Device” and “Sensor” page. ZRC-100 also supports 6 thermostats which are listed on the

“Comfort” page. You can control up to 12 scenes (Scene On/Off) with your ZRC-100. Each Scene supports up to 32 Z-Wave devices or End-point (EP). It is able to control the Z-Wave lighting devices (Dimmer or Switch) with multi-channel, window shades, thermostats, Z-Wave to AC IR

extender and door lock. Also, it is support Multi-level Sensor and that can show the current room temperature on the screen.

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