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Can I include all Z-Wave devices from the network by ZRC-100 and no need to click the PROG button for each device?
Last Updated 6 years ago

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Yes! ZRC-100 provides a useful function which is “Scan Devices”that allows rediscovering all Z-Wave devices from the network.
Please refer to user manual with below steps:

i) Assume all Z-Wave devices have been added by gateway.

ii) ZRC‐100 should act as a secondary controller [step of C1].

iii) Execute the “Scan Devices” function [step of C2].

ZRC-100 will rediscover Z-Wave devices from the network, discovered devices will be re-assigned to their default categories (Devices, Comforts and Sensors), and names will be re-assigned with default naming in ascending order.

image- This action may take few minutes to 1 hour depends on how many devices are in your network, and it will erase all previously stored device names!

- Please make sure batteries are full before proceed!

iv) Now, all Z‐Wave devices will appear on the Device, Comfort and Sensor categories. You can rename your device individually if needed.

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