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If my Z-Wave devices had already added into my Z-Wave gateway (primary controller) network, what should I do for my ZRC-100? How to copy my scenes settings to my ZRC-100?
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Your ZRC-100 can act as a secondary controller with network information about other devices and scenes setting acquired from your gateway (primary controller). Please refer to user manual with below steps:

i) ZRC-100 should enter the “Learning Mode"[step of C1] (Replicating All Network and Device Information from a Primary Controller to your ZRC‐100), for details please refer to ZRC-100 user manual.

ii) Make sure the gateway scenes were mapped to your Scene ID number and activated event for Scene Controller. You may need to setup the trigger settings on gateway before next steps.

iii) Gateway should enter the “Inclusion Mode”to add the ZRC-100 into the network and replicating all network and device information from a primary controller to your ZRC-100, please refer to gateway user manual.

iv) Now, ZRC- 100 will act as a secondary controller. All scenes and device node information will transfer from gateway to ZRC-100, you can On/Off the scene through ZRC-100 [step of A3.1].

v) Your ZRC- 100 will acquire scene configuration and nodeinformation only. That means you have scene copied from gateway but you need to include individual Z-Wave device by 57 ZRC-100 if you want to use ZRC-100 to control them individually.

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