Smart climate control solution

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I change the display language of the SmartAirCon App ?  
  2. Can SmartAirCon control my home air-conditioners and fans ?  
  3. Does IR Motedem need updating?  
  4. Does SmartAirCon App cost extra money?  
  5. Does the host (old smart phone / tablet) connected to SmartAirCon need to be open all the time? Will the screen be too bright during night and affect users’ sleeping?  
  6. How can SmartAirCon save electricity? How much energy it can save?  
  7. How do I know if the SmartAirCon App I downloaded and installed is a Host or a Client?  
  8. How do I know that my IR Motedem is working?  
  9. How long do I need to use to recover the cost of purchase for SmartAirCon?  
  10. How many devices can a SmartAirCon IR Motedem control?  
  11. How to add other users if my family also wants to access SmartAirCon?  
  12. How to control more than one air conditioner / fan with one SmartAirCon IR Motedem?  
  13. How to install?  
  14. How to update the latest SmartAirCon App?  
  15. I have several SmartAirCon Motedem without posting stickers of Serial Number and Auth code, so I cannot separate which Motedem using which code, will this have any effect?  
  16. If I set up two or more fans/ air-conditioners in SmartAirCon app, how to switch control to another appliances?  
  17. If I want to control another air conditioner / fan that is not inside the IR range of SmartAirCon IR Motedem, do I need to buy another IR Motedem?  
  18. If my smartphone / tablet (as host) is iOS and my mobile phone (as client) is Android, can I connect them with IR Motedem?  
  19. If the farthest connection distance of Bluetooth is only 60 meters, how can SmartAirCon perform offsite control mentioned in the promotion?  
  20. If there are more than one fan / air conditioner​ of the same model within the infrared transmission range, can SmartAirCon chooses to control only one of them?  
  21. Is my old tablet / smartphone workable as the host?  
  22. Is my smartphone / tablet compatible with SmartAirCon App?  
  23. Is there ceiling on the number of users?  
  24. My friend's home already has a registered SmartAirCon IR Motedem, can I borrow it directly?  
  25. My phone which installed SmartAirCon is gone, can my SmartAirCon still be used?  
  26. My Smartphone / Tablet has an auto lock function, which automatically locks into the rest mode every 3 ~ 5 minutes. Will it affect the operation of SmartAirCon ?  
  27. SmartAirCon need to be plugged in all the time. Would it waste energy?  
  28. The serial Number and Auth code in box can not be used, what should I do?  
  29. What is Host and Client?  
  30. What is SmartAirCon app? What is the role?  
  31. What is the infrared transmission range of Smartaircon?  
  32. What is the manufacturer of SmartAirCon?  
  33. What is the maximum bluetooth connection distance between SmartAirCon IR Motedem and smartphone / tablet?  
  34. What should I do if I lost my SmartAirCon IR Motedem Serial Number and Auth code ?  
  35. When I select the IR code, there are several codes which can also control my air-conditioning / fan,so which one should I choose?  
  36. Where can I find SmartAirCon App?  
  37. Why I can not receive the verify email when I register?  
  38. Why SmartAirCon temperature reading doesn't reflect the real room temperature?  
  39. Why the operation page of my SmartAirCon App become gray?  
  40. Why the package not include plug and wire?  
  41. Will SmartAirCon replace the original remote control and make it out off function?  
  42. Will someone else access my IR Motedem to control my air-conditioners?  

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