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How do I know that my IR Motedem is working?
Last Updated 6 years ago

Key words: work, status indicator, LED lamp, flash blue, flash red, not flashing

Refer to the status indicator on the IR Motedem. The LED lamp has 4 different modes or states to help users identifying the status of the IR Motedem:

Keeps Flashing Blue -IR Motedem is connected to the power supply, but not connected to any host.
In Bluetooth term, this means it's in advertising mode - looking for connections.

Flashes Blue One Time - IR Motedem is sending a signal

Not Flashing- IR Motedem is connected to the main unit and SmartAirCon is fully operational.

Keeps Flashing Red - IR Motedem has error. Please unplug the power and reconnect it.

You can also watch the demonstration videos to better identify the status of the IR Motedem:
SmartAirCon 教學 - 註冊及安裝(Chinese version)

SmartAirCon tutorial - Registration and setup(English version)

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