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Will someone else access my IR Motedem to control my air-conditioners?
Last Updated 6 years ago

Key words: access, control, steal, login, compromise

You can rest assured that in all connection methods, SmartAirCon has the following encryption program :

i. Bluetooth - An IR Motedem will only connect to a registered smartphone / tablet. Even if other Bluetooth devices detect your IR Motedem, they cannot access your IR Motedem. Also, others will not have you IR Motedem Serial Number and Auth Code, nor can they log in to your IR Motedem.

ii. Internet Connection - To control your IR Motedem, only your own login account can access it unless you invite other users using the "Add User" feature. As long as your login account is not compromised, it's impossible for anyone else to use you IR Motedem.

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