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How can SmartAirCon save electricity? How much energy it can save?
Last Updated 6 years ago

Key words: save electricity, energy, power, temperature


Refer to the data of China Light & Power Company Syndicate, turning down the air-conditioning for 1 °C can save about 3% power.
SmartAirCon enables users to control and arrange the operation schedule of fans and air-conditioners, they can set higher temperature of air-conditioning and open fan as cooling to save energy .


Besides, users can use SmartAirCon to set up sleep mode according to personal habits. When users are in deep sleep,SmartAirCon can automatically rises up 1 or 2 °C of the air-conditioners or even turn it off. Consistent with one or two-month, there will be obvious energy saving results, about 3-10% power could be saved (depends on personal electricity habits).

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