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Why did I get the "Invalid Login" error message?
Last Updated 6 years ago

The "Invalid Login" error message means that you are sending the wrong login information or are missing some required login information.

If you see this error message, please make sure you sending the correct login information as below:

  1. user_email [1]
  2. user_pwd [1]
  3. project_code
  4. pa_key
  5. customer_code [2]
[1] The information should be encrypted based on our Remotec encryption when you are using the production server.
[2] The customer_code is only required when you are using a non-encrypted account aka testing server.

The login information is required in each function call.

Please make sure your data format to send data is using QueryString.

If you still getting this error message, please open a new ticket and let us follow up on your problem.

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